Spass mit Hundetraining!


Agility Slow-Motion:


Dog frisbee:

Dog frisbee: Sabine and Y:

101 Frisbee-Würfe:


Dog Soccer team:


Treibball 1:

Treibball 2:

Treibball 3:

Retrieving articles by name:

Clicker Challenge:

Clicker Challenge 2:

Fun-Show: Controll 1:

Controll 2 and counting terrier:

The sheltie and the coin trick:

Und hier ein paar verschiedene Obedience-Stile zum Vergleich:

1.) Canine Freestyle:  Tina Humphrey Crufts 2009:

Funny circus routines using Obedience moves and individual tricks set to music

2.) Heelwork to music: Mary Ray Crufts 2009:

With a little more focus on heelwork instead of tricks and stunts

3.) British style Obedience at Crufts 2008:

Hand held close to body, dog works so close to the leg that you can`t see the light between the dog and the leg of his handler, high action of dog`s front paws is desirable

4.) Continental style (Italian) Obedience 2006:

Handler`s hands must swing “naturally” beside body, directional sendaways and retrieve

5.) German Schutzhund Obedience 2004: maximum energy, less focus on exactness:

6.) Historical 1933 Dutch police dog, no exact heelwork at all, only what is needed for getting the work done

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